Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Toby: Pug of the Day

Name: Toby
Rescued: 10/2005
Adopted: 11/2005

The PugPROS team was out in force at the Animals on Broadway event in Walnut Creek, CA last weekend. We raised money and provided information to the hundreds of people who attend this annual event.

We also got to see Toby again when his adoptive family stopped by to say hi.

Toby lives in Northern California. During the day, he spends quality time with the 90+ year old grandparents in the in-law suite. In the evening he relaxes with his family. On weekends, he visits the grandchildren and their pug.

He has lived there almost 3 years and he fits in well with this multi-generational family.

It's always good to see our PugPROS alumni!


Older adults benefit from pet ownership
Animals on Broadway in Walnut Creek, CA

More information is available at our website,

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