Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gus: Pug of the Day

Name: Gus
Rescued: 2/2002
Adopted: 2/2002

Gus was adopted over 6 years ago. His family sent this message last week:

He is a good boy! We call him the Sgt Major. He's always been big..but not fat..very solid. Sometimes people ask if he's a bulldog. His full moniker is "Gustav Snortimer" but we call him GusGus.

He has aged well, but more recently developed a sore shoulder. His favorite sleeping spot is on top the ottoman. Jumping up is easy, but jumping down is more of a problem. We talked to the vet, and she treated him with a series of Adaquin injections which seem to have helped.

While he is the "Alpha" pug of the house (and Ellie is the Alpha-ette), he becomes "Mr. Shivers" at the vet. Of course, being in a place that always culminates in shots, toe nail snipping, or things being stuck up your tailpipe can be harrowing.

He's very fun and funny! And we love him very much.

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