Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jin-Jin: Pug of the Day

Name: Jin-Jin
Rescued: 12/2004
Adopted: 6/2005
Rainbow Bridge: 2/2008

Jin-Jin's family wrote:

Jin-Jin was the most soulful Dog/Pug I have ever seen. She was the apple of all of our eyes. You always knew how she was feeling by just looking into her beautiful eyes.

When she wanted a treat or her meal she would start barking. By the time Jin-Jin went over the rainbow, she was completely blind and deaf. When she wanted to find you she would do her little "talk" and we all would come running. She was a Daddy's Girl big time and she would just "talk" to him and say some very serious things!

Jin-Jin will never be out of our lives as she enriched anyone and everyone that met her.

The Rainbow Bridge

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